The CAC, the Regional Ministry of Sport, the Catalan Women's Institute and the public media are leading the #You'reMissingOut campaign to promote women's sport in the media


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  • The goal of the campaign is to promote more media coverage of women's sport to reach full equality, break down stereotypes and give visibility to female role models for children and young people
  • The campaign features swimmer Mireia Belmonte, motorcyclist Laia Sanz, footballer Alexia Putellas, basketball player Laia Palau, and athlete Maria Vicente
  • It will be broadcast on public and private TV and radio stations, in addition to the FGC train channel and MouTV (Barcelona metropolitan transport)
  • Over 70 media outlets, including the main TV channels, radio, news agencies and generalist and sports press, have pledged to give more visibility to women's sports

The Catalan Audiovisual Council (CAC), in conjunction with the Regional Ministry of Sport and Physical Activity, the Catalan Women's Institute (ICD) and the Catalan Broadcasting Corporation (CCMA), is leading the #You'reMissingOut campaign with the aim of promoting women's sport in the media.

The goal of the campaign is to promote more media coverage of women's sport to contribute to reaching full equality, break down social and media stereotypes around women's sport, and to position it as interesting content that can appeal to wide audiences. Furthermore, it aims to give greater visibility to female role models among audiences, especially children and adolescents, for whom men are often their only role models in sports.

The #You'reMissingOut campaign has the motto “If you're not seeing women’s sport, you're missing half the show”. The initiative comprises a series of adverts featuring five elite athletes: Olympic swimming medallist Mireia Belmonte; multiple champion of motorcycling Laia Sanz; runner-up of the UEFA Women's Champions League, Alexia Putellas, three-time European champion and Olympic basketball runner-up Laia Palau, and the world record holder for under-18 pentathlon and heptathlon, Maria Vicente.

The five sportswomen appear in the adverts with their eyes closed alongside the message, symbolising the idea that not seeing women's sports is missing half the show. The campaign promoters have contacted clubs, federations and male and female athletes, and set them the challenge of also appearing with their eyes closed to spread and support the campaign.

As CAC chairperson Roger Loppacher explained, "in today's society, despite recent progress, one area where there is still inequality is media coverage of women's sport and women's involvement in producing sports-related media.” Loppacher stressed that this campaign "aims to show women's sport for what it is: vibrant, exciting and thrilling content that can attract audiences. We want to do this by appealing to viewers and showing them what they are missing out on. If you don't see, watch, listen to or read about women's sports, you are missing half the show. Sport is not male or female; it is simply sport. Sports played by women are just as, if not more, spectacular and appealing as sports played by men.”

Dissemination of the campaign

The campaign kicked off with teasers starring each of the five sportswomen which aired from last Monday until yesterday as the lead-up to the campaign.

As of today, the television and radio adverts will be broadcast on TV3, Esports3, Super3, betevé, La Xarxa, Catalunya Ràdio, the private radio stations of the Catalan Association of Radio (ACR), various local radio and television stations, as well as on the FGC train network and on MouTV, the Barcelona metropolitan transport channel. They will also be posted on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The campaign will run until 14 February. The CCMA media network will broadcast 150 of the radio and TV adverts, primarily during peak viewing times. In addition, campaign posters will be sent out to sports federations. All of the audiovisual and graphic material of the campaign is on the website

Media pledge

Furthermore, more than 70 media outlets, including the main television and radio stations, news agencies and the generalist and sports press, have signed the document "The media commitment to promoting women's sport”

Drafted by the bodies behind the campaign, the text proposes giving greater visibility to sportswomen, moving towards a balanced coverage of men's and women's sports in all media, and avoiding gender stereotypes in sports-related media.

In addition, the outlets have pledged to provide gender awareness in sport training to their staff and to foster a gender balance among sports writers and talk show participants.

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