Diversity implies an image of a non-univocal society that gives voice to both men and women, to people of different age groups, to people of different nationalities, and that displays functional diversity and multiplicity of cultures and religious options, among other elements.

The different axes of diversity that the Council considers are gender, sexual orientation, age, origin, functional diversity, social role, culture, religious belief, illnesses and vulnerability factors.

Among other initiatives, the CAC has promoted the creation of the Bureau for Diversity in the Audiovisual Field(MDA). This association brings together representatives of various cultural groups, institutions, companies, professional groups, research groups, support organizations, universities, the media and other people and bodies interested in promoting a better representation of multiculturalism and diversity in audiovisual media in Catalonia.

The purpose of the MDA is to help promote coexistence, respect, knowledge and exchange between people of different cultural affiliations and share the experience of recreation and the renewal of Catalan culture.


What does the CAC do?

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