Gender equality


The Council pays special attention to the analysis of the representation of women in audiovisual media, as well as to the treatment of sexist violence. Likewise, the Council works actively with the Catalan Women's Institute (ICD) and with the Association of Journalists of Catalonia to jointly elaborate recommendations and manuals aimed at the media to combat stereotypes of gender and promote equality. In the same vein, the CAC has coordinated with various audiovisual regulators from the Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities(RIRM) to promote measures to combat discrimination based on gender and, especially, against stereotypes in the field of commercial communications.

The CAC produces an annual report on the presence of gender stereotypes in toy advertising broadcast during the Christmas period.

Likewise, the CAC and the ICD offer Communication Studies undergraduates a series of monographic sessions on how to apply the gender perspective and how to carry out a careful treatment in the media of news stories on sexist violence.


What does the CAC do?

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