Illegal and prohibited advertising


The following are illicit advertisements and telemarketing practices, among others:

  • Those which attack human dignity.
  • Those which violate the values and rights recognized by the Spanish Constitution and, among others, those which present the women in a vexatious way.
  • Those that promote bad eating practices.
  • Those which discriminate on grounds of birth, race, sex, religion, nationality, opinion or any other personal or social circumstance.
  • Those that incite violence or anti-social behaviour.
  • Those that induce cruelty or mistreatment of animals.

The following are prohibited advertisements and telemarketing practices, among others:

  • Any direct or indirect form of advertising of cigarettes and other tobacco products.
  • The advertising of essentially political content aimed at the attainment of objectives of this nature, without prejudice to the applicable norms established by the legislation on electoral system.
  • Any direct or indirect form of advertising of drinks with an alcohol content higher than 20º.
  • Any form of advertising of alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of less than 20º in which the following circumstances are true: if they are aimed at minors; if they present the consumption of alcohol associated with an improvement in physical performance, with the driving of vehicles or with social or sexual success; if they suggest that alcohol consumption has therapeutic properties or that it is a means to resolve conflicts; or if they stimulate the non-moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages.


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