Miquel Miralles i Fenoll


Term of office

He began his term of office as a member on 22 February 2022.

Areas of responsibility

Coordinator of the Regulations and Audiovisual Media Service Providers Committee. Deputy Coordinator of the Research Committee.


Barcelona, 1955

Miquel Miralles is a journalist, chair of the Catalan Radio Association (2019-2022) and Director of Communication and Institutional Relations at the Tele Taxi Group (1992-2022). He was one of the founders of the digital local information portal Rubitv.cat (2011), deputy chair of the Catalan Television Association (2003-2007), a member of the Spanish Digital Radio Forum (2005) and Head of Broadcasting and Programmes at Cadena 13 (1983-1992). He performed production roles at Antena 3 Radio for the Supergarcía en la hora cero programme team directed by José María García (1982-1983) and covered the Spain 1982 football World Cup for foreign television. He was a press officer for Rubí Town Council (1981-1982) and a member of the founding team of the first municipal radio station in Catalonia, Ràdio Rubí (1979). He has been a correspondent for El Periódico de Catalunya (1979) and Diari de Barcelona (1976).

He has taught courses at the now defunct private company Televisió Catalana (1984-1986), at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (2007-2008) and at the Faculty of Education Sciences (2006-2008). He has presented several papers at the Catalan Audiovisual Market (Granollers) and taken part in radio conferences in Barcelona and at the National American Broadcasting Show in Las Vegas (1987).