Rosa Maria Molló Llorens

Vice president

Term of office

She began her term of office as a member on 22 February 2022. She was appointed Vice President on 2 March 2022.

Areas of responsibility

Coordinator of the Studies, Research and Innovation Committee. Deputy Coordinator of the Committee on Relations with Society, Children, Gender and Education in Communication. Deputy International Affairs Adviser to the Office of the President. Assistant President of the Commission for Audiovisual Diversity.


Lleida, 1963

Rosa Maria Molló is a graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She holds a certificate in Intercultural Studies and Communication from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, and in Social and Emotional Intelligence from the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence in Denver, Colorado, USA. She has also completed other recognised programmes for people performance and leadership. Although her background is in radio, she has spent a large part of her professional career at RTVE Corporation where she anchored news programmes and was a correspondent in the USA (2003-2008), Asia (2009-2010) and the Middle East (2010-2012). As a reporter she has also covered several armed conflicts including the war in Afghanistan (2001) and the revolutions in Egypt, Libya and Syria (2010-2012). Before joining the CAC she was Director of Corporate Communications and Image at RTVE.

She has combined journalism with team management and organisational change, a fulltime role between 2013 and 2019 when she worked for an international management agency. She is co-author of Líderes del cambio que importa: Cómo adaptar y adoptar nuevas realidades.