The CAC approves the signature of a memorandum of understanding with Gibraltar's audiovisual regulator to foster cooperation and the exchange of information

The Catalan Audiovisual Council (CAC), in a session held yesterday, December 20, approved signing a memorandum of understanding with the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) to foster cooperation and the exchange of information.

The memorandum is going to signed shortly by the president of the CAC, Xevi Xirgo, and by the executive director of the GRA, John Paul Rodríguez.

The memorandum envisages promoting the regulation of audiovisual content, paying special attention to the protection of minors and other risk groups. The memorandum also lays down the exchange of relevant information, as well as debating practical solutions to legal problems regarding the interpretation and application of the regulation. The promotion of exchanges, mutual visits, and the carrying out of a prior consultation with the other party in those cases in which a licensed provider of audiovisual services has effects on the markets of the other party, are other of the relevant provisions covered by the memorandum.

Among others, the CAC and the GRA are part of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA, in English), an association that brings together 55 audiovisual regulatory bodies from 47 European countries and territories and that aims to serve as a forum to debate and coordinate aspects related to audiovisual regulation.

The GRA is the independent authority under the Broadcasting Act 2012 responsible for granting and enforcing the licensing of radio and television broadcasters, regulating broadcasting standards and issuing codes of practice and guidance notes, codes of practice and regulations, thereby ensuring that broadcasters meet the requirements set out. The GRA also has a legal obligation to encourage the promotion of media literacy and to publish information and offer advice to consumers and broadcasters alike, under the Communications Act 2006.

Gibraltar has a public broadcasting corporation, the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), which was created in 1963 and which broadcasts radio, television and online content to the population of Gibraltar.