The law grants the CAC a series of functions, the most important of which could be categorised into the following four areas:

Titles granting permission

  • To grant the titles that enable audiovisual communication to be provided and to guarantee that the conditions are fulfilled.


  • To make sure that the regulations governing audiovisual content are complied with, in particular the principles of political, social, religious, cultural and philosophical pluralism.
  • To make sure that linguistic pluralism and the regulations governing the use of the languages of Catalonia and La Vall d'Aran are complied with.
  • To make sure that legislation on the protection of children and adolescents is complied with.
  • To make sure that legislation on advertising is complied with.
  • To guarantee that the missions of public service assigned to the public media are complied with.


  • To issue preliminary reports concerning the projected laws concerning the audiovisual sector.
  • To issue reports, on its own initiative, to the Parliament or the Government of the Generalitat.
  • To issue an annual report on the action of the CAC and the situation of the audiovisual system in Catalonia.

Co-regulation, self-regulation and arbitration

  • To promote the adopting of co-regulation and self-regulation measures in the audiovisual sector.
  • To exercise, at the request of parties in conflict, arbitrational and mediation functions.