International relations


At European level, the Council is a member of the European Platform for Regulatory Authorities (EPRA), an association that brings together 52 regulatory agencies of the audiovisual sector in 42 European countries and whose purpose is to serve as a forum to discuss and coordinate aspects related to the regulation of the audiovisual.

 In the Mediterranean area, the Council is part of the Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities (MNRA, in English, and Réseau des Instances de Régulation Mediterranées, RIRM, in French), which brings together the audiovisual authorities from 24 countries in the Mediterranean basin and aims to strengthen relations and promote the exchange of experiences.

 In the Iberoamerican sphere, the Council is a member of the Platform for Regulators of the Audiovisual Sector of Ibero-America (PRAI), which is made up of 12 regulators.

 In the field of the Iberian Peninsula, the CAC is part of the Iberian Conference of Audiovisual Councils (CICA). Apart from the Council, this platform is made up of the Audiovisual Council of Andalusia, the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) and the Portuguese Regulatory Entity for Social Communication (ERC).

Images of the international activity of the CAC